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Michael King Photography

Henri Cartier-Bresson wrote that for him the camera is a sketch book. It is "an instrument of intuition and spontaneity, the master of the instant which in visual terms, questions and decides simultaneously."  He compares taking photographs "to holding one's breath when all faculties converge in the face of a fleeing reality."

I've read and re-read those words and they ring true for me.  There's nothing like the feeling of joy you get when you capture that one moment, see the inner soul of the person in the portrait, or reveal beauty in an unexpected view.

I've been on this journey to master the ability to capture an image since 1979 when I purchased my first camera, a Minolta SRT-201 and took my first photography class at the Ohio State University.  I've shot thousands of images on film and digitally--some good and many bad.  Then, there is that one image you get that speaks to you, like holding your breath when everything comes together at that one moment. 

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